Iphone 5c Overview

The release of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in September last yr marked a departure from Apple’s traditional method of releasing one new iPhone each a yr. The launch of iphone 5c the new iPhone could be accompanied through the outgoing iPhone getting a charge reduce, and the only before that turning into free on a settlement in sure markets. This approach served Apple nicely due to the fact the iPhone doesn’t age as speedy as iphone 5c its Android opposite numbers, or even a generation-antique iPhone competes favourably with maximum mid-range Android telephones on overall performance, if now not on charge.

This strategy become no longer without its flaws as many humans felt uncomfortable shopping for ‘a three hundred and sixty five days antique telephone’. While most non-flagship telephones from other manufacturers run on hardware that is everywhere among one and several years antique, it seems that as long as the outer bundle is refreshed and given a new name, you may keep away from the complaint that comes with trying to sell an ‘vintage’ smartphone.

By releasing the iPhone 5c, which sports activities a brand new appearance, however has close to identical specifications as the now discontinued iPhone five, Apple seems to have take a leaf out of the e book of its competition. So is the iPhone 5c simply antique wine in a brand new bottle, or is it some other winner from Apple – let’s iphone 5c discover.

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Build/ Design

The iPhone 5c is of path “unapologetically plastic”, as Jony Ive referred to as it in the introductory video showcased at Apple’s builders conference. While this circulate surprised some, it’s miles really worth remembering that iPhone 5c isn’t always the first iPhone to include a plastic body. The unique iPhone got here with a frame that used both plastic and glass, as did the iPhone 3G, and of route the iPhone 3GS. The metallic chassis seen in current iPhone fashions failed to make an appearance till the iPhone four.

We have to admit that having been spoilt via the excellent in-hand feel of successive iPhone fashions for the reason that iPhone four, we had been to begin with sceptical approximately the plastic iPhone 5c. However, that changed when we held the brand new iPhone in our hand for the first time. iPhone 5c’s plastic body comes with a metal strengthened frame interior that offers it a pressure no longer typically related to plastic bodies. The plastic itself is as good as what we have seen used on a phone, and in terms of universal healthy and end, the iPhone 5c compares favourably with flagship Lumia devices from Nokia.

One key distinction among the iPhone 5c and Lumia devices of path is that at the same time as Apple has long past with a glossy finish for all its shades – Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, and White -Lumia devices are to be had in both glossy and matte finishes. Apple is in reality trying to attraction to a more youthful crowd by way of going with a sleek finish on the iPhone 5c and although the end result is higher than the smooth-finished Lumia devices, we’d pick the matte-completed Lumia devices over both, however that’s a non-public choice.

The iPhone 5c (124.forty x iphone 5c fifty nine.20 x 8.97mm, 132 grams) is slightly bigger and exceedingly heavier than the iPhone 5 (123.80 x 58.60 x 7.60 mm, 112 grams). While we do not just like the idea of transferring to a heavier cellphone, a few people located the general feel of the iPhone 5c higher than the iPhone five. It’s secure to mention, as solid as the iPhone 5c iphone 5c feels, we decide upon the metallic chassis and the lightness of the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5s.


The iPhone 5c sports the identical four.0-inch 640×1136 seen within the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5s. Yes, that display feels small in a world complete of Android flagships across the 5.0-inch mark, and other even bigger devices that push the definition of the phrases smartphone and, indeed the bastardisation that is phablet. While the likes of Nokia and BlackBerry have realised the significance of having large screen services inside the shape of the Lumia 1520 and the BlackBerry Z30 respectively, Apple, rather obstinately some agree with, maintains to maintain out. It is anticipated Apple will exchange that by using in the end liberating a larger iPhone in 2014, even though of route there’s not anything even remotely respectable about that declaration. Until then, if you need the iOS enjoy, you could choose between the three.5-inch display of the iPhone 4S or the four.zero-inch display that iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s provide.

As a long way as the performance is worried, with the naked eye you may warfare to note any difference whilst as compared to iPhone 5’s display. You’ll word this subject matter throughout the review, as the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5 boast near identical internals. While the show may fall short on specs compared to complete-HD smartphones within the wild, the coloration replica is splendid, daylight legibility is good and viewing angles are exceptional.

iOS 7

iPhone 5c comes with iOS 7 out of the field. iOS 7 is a visible overhaul of Apple’s mobile working system that puts whitespace and typography in awareness, whilst underplaying skeuomorphic layout factors (ones that resemble real global gadgets). This method that buttons which have historically been utilized in UI design to indicate actionable objects, were given way to free striking text.

While we are happy to see some skeuomorphic elements like stitched leather in Calendar app giving away to a easier design, we are not convinced that obtaining rid of buttons is a step inside the right path. Apple has stated a number of this complaint, with the very last iOS 7.0 release scaling lower back a number of the extra radical modifications, and re-introducing some skeuomorphic elements.

The new appearance also brings in new UI and icons for Apple’s apps like Mail, Safari, App Store, Calendar and others. The colourful new icons supplement the iPhone 5c as an alternative nicely, and in that experience the brand new OS feels more at domestic at the 5c as opposed to the flagship iPhone 5s.

iOS 7, though, isn’t always just about the visual modifications, it brings in numerous new functions as nicely. Perhaps the largest addition is Control Center, that can be invoked by swiping up from any display screen, such as (optionally) the lock display screen. Control Center lets you speedy toggle Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb , Orientation lock and Flashlight. You also can alter the brightness and quantity, or control the track. Also covered are shortcuts to speedy set a countdown timer and to invoke the Calculator and Camera apps.

Sadly, there’s no manner to customize these shortcuts to consist of your favorite apps. We also want there has been a manner to toggle 3G and/ or Cellular Data, as we find ourselves reaching for that manipulate way more often than, say, Airplane Mode. Despite these shortcomings, it is correct to look Control Center subsequently coming to iOS, mainly considering the fact that comparable capability has been to be had on Android all the time.

Notification Center has been revamped to include a Today view that offers an outline of the day inclusive of upcoming appointments and a Tomorrow view that gives a short precis of the following day. You can customize the view to reveal different elements like Stocks, Reminders and greater. The Missed view lists notifications from the remaining 24 hours, even as All shows all notifications you haven’t interacted with (or cleared) yet. The overall look and experience of Notification Center has been changed to be more iOS 7-like, and even though you can engage with a few notifications (relying upon the application that generated the notification), the enjoy continues to be very confined as compared to Android that has a greater feature-rich notifications device.

As constantly, you may convey the Notification Center by way of swiping down from the top part on any screen, consisting of (optionally) the lock screen. However, you may no longer swipe left (or press home button) even as on the first home display to carry up usual seek. Instead, swiping down from the center of any home display screen brings a seek container that works much like the old prevalent search.

iOS 7 additionally brings assist for Background App Refresh – enabled for all apps by using default – that lets you manage what apps can update their statistics whilst running in the historical past. Apple has put its twist through analysing your utilization conduct to optimise the technique. So in case you have a tendency to open Facebook app first element inside the morning, you may assume to have the News Feed refreshed when you turn to the app. Similarly, in case you do not use an app for some weeks, you could count on iOS not to commit assets to the app within the heritage. While this appears like a super idea on paper, it’s a bit hard to envision how well (or in any other case) this era is running, as maximum apps have a tendency to refresh their facts once more as soon as you turn to them.

iOS 7 sooner or later bridges the space on Android in every other key aspect via bringing in guide for computerized updates. You can pick to have the apps up to date mechanically over Wi-Fi most effective, over Wi-Fi and cellular information, or by no means. We propose having it set to the first alternative, although we discovered ourselves missing Android’s ability to govern update behaviour of individual apps, that is especially available in case you want to keep positive apps at a specific version, even as car-updating the others, or save bandwidth with the aid of having handiest your preferred apps update mechanically.

Double tapping the Home button not brings a grid of dull icons that you may faucet and hold to show the ‘kill button’. What you get rather is an interface this is harking back to the erstwhile webOS in which all open apps are proven with card-like perspectives of the app’s closing strolling kingdom (or its closest approximation). You can slide left or proper to reveal extra apps, or swipe up a card to kill that app.

iOS 7 brings greater Privacy Controls, with the capability to control – and without difficulty see a top level view of – which apps have get admission to to place facts, contacts, calendars, reminders, photographs, Bluetooth sharing and the microphone. You can also manipulate what apps can get admission to your gadget-extensive Facebook and Twitter. Contrast this with Android’s all-or-nothing approach, that tells you what information an app will get right of entry to before you install it, but there’s not anything you may do to control that, apart from now not putting in the app at all.

As we mentioned before, all of Apple’s apps had been redesigned for iOS 7, with some adding new functions to go with the refreshed look. Safari gets a new way of managing tabs that makes it simpler to switch between tabs to your iPhone and other iCloud-enabled gadgets via simply swiping up and down. The browser is not constrained to eight tabs and we have had a couple of dozens of tabs open on our iPhone (it is a sickness, we realize) without hitting a limit (it’s now not to say there is not one, we simply failed to hit that number). The cope with bar and search field have been mixed into a unified ‘smart search’ subject. Safari also provides Shared Links that lets you see all the URLs in your Twitter timeline at one vicinity, which appears like a terrific idea on paper, however we didn’t locate ourselves the usage of it in any respect.

Perhaps our favorite Safari-associated feature is iCloud Keychains, which lets you sync usernames, passwords and credit score card statistics throughout various Apple devices. Enter your username and password as soon as for a internet site (to your Mac or iOS tool) and iCloud will provide to recollect it for you. The next time you go to the internet site on some other iCloud-enabled tool, the username and password fields can be mechanically crammed. iCloud even shows robust passwords while you are signing up on a brand new internet site.

Apple now offers six of its apps – iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote – for free to all new iOS and Mac users. You’ll get the choice to down load these apps even as putting in place the device, or you can pick out to down load them at a later level. Together, the six apps supply each iOS user a effective suite for handling pictures, editing movies, recording music, and creating files, spreadsheets and presentations.

Other iOS 7 adjustments consist of gadget-wide integration of Flickr and Vimeo, improvements to Siri and a revamped App Store.

Overall, the absolutely overhauled iOS, even as not without its flaws, units the framework for Apple’s cellular OS for years to come. Developers have reacted enthusiastically to the new OS, and nearly all primary 1/3-celebration apps were up to date as in line with the new design philosophy.


The iPhone 5c has almost the identical camera that the iPhone five shipped with. While the iPhone 5 was possibly the quality overall cellphone digital camera whilst it got here out, it has been exceeded by means of the likes of HTC One and Lumia 925, among different phones which have released given that, especially when you examine overall performance below low-light conditions. Having stated that, there no real flaws with the camera, and if you are searching out a cellphone that clicks splendid pix on ‘auto’ mode with out you having to muck round with settings, the most effective cellphone that trumps the iPhone 5c is its elder sibling, the 5s.

iOS 7 brings in a state-of-the-art UI for the Camera app that lets you swipe left and proper to switch between Video, Photo, Square, and Panorama modes. The top of the display functions controls for Flash, HDR/ recording length counter and for switching between front and back cameras. Like maximum different iOS 7 modifications, it takes a while getting used to the brand new UI, but normal it feels like an development, as jumping from one mode to the opposite can be accomplished quicker than earlier than.

Photos app has been refreshed to now shows your content material grouped by means of Years, Collections and Moments – automated grouping of images and motion pictures based totally on time and area – thatmake it a little bit less difficult to find out stuff, mainly as your library gets large.

Performance/ Battery existence

With nearly equal hardware, it’s no surprise that there is little to pick among the overall performance of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c. However, in case you are upgrading from an iPhone 4S or an in advance model, the whole lot – from switching between apps, to how quickly the webpages load, and extra – will appear extensively quicker. Overall, even though it runs ‘handiest’ a twin-center processor (as does the iPhone 5s for that count number), the iPhone 5c is greater than a healthy for its quad- and octa-core rivals in terms of actual world overall performance.

iPhone 5c comes with assist for AirDrop, that’s Apple’s answer to Wi-Fi direct. Invoked thru the Control Center, AirDrop helps you to share pictures, films, contacts with other AirDrop customers nearby over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (even if you aren’t linked to a Wi-Fi network). We want able had covered Wi-Fi 802.11ac in the 5c, and certainly, the iPhone 5s.

Though the iPhone 5c (1507mAh) has best a barely larger battery than the iPhone 5 (1440mAh), in our exams we determined the iPhone 5c lasting substantially longer, probably because of optimisations that Apple has been capable of introduce while developing the 5c along iOS 7. With brightness set to auto and 3G statistics on at some point of, the smartphone without problems lasted an afternoon of heavy utilization with around 20 percentage juice to spare.


While the iPhone 5c is a strong cellphone in its very own proper, with Apple selecting to release the 5s on the equal time, comparisons between the 2 are inevitable, and that is in which it becomes hard to propose the colorful iPhone over the flagship. When you spend north of Rs. 40,000 rupees, you count on to buy the modern and best that a enterprise has to offer, and the iPhone 5c surely doesn’t deliver on that count. If you’re thinking about the 5c as an choice, we suggest you spend a little bit more money and buy the iPhone 5s rather.

Of route a few people may be on a set finances, wherein case they are able to observe Android flagships at a similar fee factor just like the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and the LG G2. You get a bigger screen however telephones that do not age as well as Apple’s. Do remember that the flagships from Samsung and HTC are nearly a yr old at this point in time, and their successors aren’t too a ways away from being introduced.

If you’ve got an iPhone five, you may adequately pass the 5c because despite the fact that there are improvements, they’re no longer sufficient to justify spending any more money. There’s more than enough reason for customers with older iPhone fashions to improve.

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