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The iPhone X became a big gamble from Apple, yet one that clearly paid off six months into our checking out. Losing the home button iphone X and changing the design changed into a risky circulate, but one that was sorely wished after years of similarity and the top class design, more electricity, all-display screen the front mix together to create – with the aid of a ways – the fine iPhone Apple’s ever made. It’s impossible to offer an excellent rating to some thing that expenses this a whole lot – iphone X however this is the nearest to smartphone perfection Apple has ever got.


Great screen

Premium, robust layout

TrueDepth camera is powerful


The most steeply-priced flagship phone around

Metal rim can scuff without case

The iPhone X is the large bounce ahead that Apple’s handsets wanted after ten years, and it’s even higher in 2021 way to its iOS 14 upgrade and usually-introduced new features. Aside from the original iPhone in 2007, the iPhone X had the largest impact on Apple’s smartphone route ever iphone X – and even its most modern successors have not modified much of its layout improvements.

Apple itself is asking it the destiny of the phone, the embodiment of what it’s been looking to attain for a decade. But while the iPhone X is all approximately premium components and an all-new enjoy, it changed into a big gamble for the Cupertino logo too – which paid off, as every new iPhone on the grounds that then has in large part kept the design, up to the modern-day iPhone 12 Pro.

Losing acknowledged, reliable elements just like the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, the house button; introducing new strategies of navigating and unlocking the cellphone – and charging a lot extra for the privilege – appears volatile for a business enterprise that changed into already treading new floor with the aid of doing away with the traditional headphone jack.

But the iPhone X is the handset we’d been traumatic from Apple for years – a world away from the increasingly more-worn-out designs main up to the iPhone eight that have continued to live within the nearly identical-looking iPhone SE 2020. 

Watch our overview of the iPhone X’s design under.

The fervor around this phone tells that tale – all and sundry wants to know if the iPhone X is well worth having, in part because it actually represents a new iPhone, and that fervor is such that they don’t appear to care approximately the cost. Thankfully, that fee has come down through the years, and it is nevertheless a powerful smartphone.

So… is the iPhone X well worth having? Did it change the path of an industry where some of the specs Apple has installed – speedy charging, wireless charging, bezel-much less shows and face reputation – are already on the market?

We’ve had the iPhone X in our hold close for years now, and it’s without problems one of the first-class smartphones around – even within the face of the most modern but similar-looking iPhone 12 line together with this phone’s successor, the iPhone 12 Pro – but there are nonetheless a few matters that could throw even long-time Apple enthusiasts.

iPhone X specs

Weight: 174g

Dimensions: 143.6 x 70.nine x 7.7 mm

OS: iOS 14

Screen size: 5.8-inch

Screen Resolution: 1125×2436

CPU: A11 Bionic


Storage: 64GB / 256GB

Battery: 2,716mAh*

Rear digital camera: 12MP+12MP (both OIS)

Front camera: 7MP

*According to Chinese filings

If you are loving your iPhones X, or considering buying one, the package deal is about to get loads extra tempting now that iOS 14 is out. Apple’s cutting-edge working machine brings many new functions like widgets, Dark Mode and a number of app pace will increase, so that you could make the maximum of your iPhone revel in.

Update: iOS 15 has been announced and it’s coming to the iPhone X when it launches, possibly in September. Features of iOS 15 consist of all sorts of FaceTime enhancements (in conjunction with the potential for Android users to sign up for calls), plus a redesigned weather app, additional details on Apple Maps, statuses inside the Messages app, and more.

iPhone X charge and release dateReleased on November 3 2017 worldwideCheaper than release in 2020Comes in 64GB and 256GB garage sizes

It’s almost unnecessary to talk about the iPhone X fee – it released as the maximum luxurious flagship phone on the market and it is nevertheless luxurious now, but iPhone customers are greater inclined than maximum to appearance past value. 

But, whilst the focal point here goes to be on the era, we nonetheless want to as a minimum point out the charge and launch date. It’s out now, having launched worldwide on November three 2017. The price is more difficult to swallow. 

At launch, the iPhone X fee $999 / iphone X £999 / AU$1,579 for the primary, 64GB version. If you wanted the bigger 256GB version it price $1,149 / £1,149 / AU$1,829.

Since then of course the iPhone XS has launched and as a result Apple has stopped selling the iPhone X. You can nonetheless buy it someplace else although, and are searching at much extra sizeable fee drops within the years since it launched.

Although it is steeply-priced for positive, you could use our iPhone X offers web page (UK best) to ensure you get the nice cost contract available.

ScreenBy a long way the great display on an iPhone prior to XSClear, vibrant coloursNotch at top barely irks, but doesn’t get within the manner

The first factor you’ll note about the brand new iPhone is tough to miss: the new screen blazes into your eyes the second one you select up the handset.

The 5.8-inch OLED display is, pretty surely, the satisfactory factor Apple has ever crammed into an iPhone, or it changed into, until the iPhone XS arrived. It’s leaps ahead of the iPhone eight and 8 Plus for so many motives: the sharpness, the excellent, the truth that it fills the entire the front of the cellphone, and the color reproduction.

It’s additionally the use of a new, longer, display, however even as it appears large than the iPhone eight Plus’ 5.five-inch show on paper, it’s most effective marginally bigger in phrases of actual display real property – it’s simply stretched upwards, so it’s taller, no longer wider.

The stretched screen is a very different enjoy on the iPhone X

OLED era manner you’re getting deeper blacks and extra blinding whites, so everything from web sites to the photographs you take in will appearance a little better. 

Some will factor to the fact that Samsung has been the usage of OLED screens on its telephones for the reason that first Galaxy, but Apple counters that by way of pronouncing it’s handiest now that the era is good enough for its phones.

On the face of it that sounds defensive, however whilst you use the iPhone X you could see it’s a display that’s exceedingly, properly, Apple. 

It’s not the sharpest or maximum colorful display on a cellphone, but it’s smooth, crisp and doesn’t be afflicted by terrible colour shifts when you circulate it round. It’s a remarkable display to examine from all angles, and that’s what you need on a cell device.

It’s also been dubbed the first-rate within the international, by using the esteemed DisplayMate trying out, displaying that it’s the brightest and greater color-correct OLED available on the market and precise off-centre brightness shifts – displaying Apple can music the tech from Samsung really nicely.

The term ‘bezel-much less’ has been bandied approximately for the iPhone X, but that doesn’t clearly inform the right tale. Yes, there are moderate bands round the edges of the display screen as this isn’t always a curved display screen iPhone, but they don’t mar the experience – they give the palms something to land on, preventing unintended touches of the display.

Apple may want to reduce those similarly within the destiny and offer a greater visually-attractive iPhone, however at the X the experience remains putting.

Talking of visible attraction, the notch at the top of the iPhone X is something that’s been divisive, and that’s truthful. Apple has taken this little bite out of the pinnacle of the display screen to house the new TrueDepth digicam, and it encroaches at the display. A lot newer Android phones, including the OnePlus 6, copy this fashion, even though even newer telephones which include the OnePlus 6T are supplying plenty smaller notches.

In portrait mode it’s hard to be aware it’s there, and the way the notifications bar spills around it is high-quality. 

However, location the cellphone in panorama mode and it’s some distance extra significant; it’s an irritant whilst you’re looking films, as while we desired to amplify them to fill the display (one of the actual beauties of getting a longer display) elements of the movement had been reduce out with the aid of the notch.

The longer display is likewise thinner even though – this means there’s less actual property for typing. We failed to be aware this at the begin, but when flipping between the X and an older iPhone, you’ll truely see there’s less space to your digits to tap onto.

While we’re speaking about that longer display, the 18:nine layout is some thing we’ve seen on some of other telephones this yr, and within the Android global the apps are in large part encoded to fill the show just fine.

On the iPhone X, but, that’s not the case, with many apps we used packing huge black bars above and under the display. That’s fast began to enhance though, and each day greater apps replace for the longer display screen.

Native apps have a space under the keyboard wherein the home button might have gone

The difficulty with apps using the black bars is that it makes the iPhone X seem like every other handset from Apple – even an iPhone 3GS – and given the display is the principle visible differentiator on this telephone, and also you need each app to fill the display well. There are actually only a few apps left that have those bars above and underneath, with most iphone X expanding the display screen to fill the entire front of the cellphone and curve around the notch.

The new display at the iPhone X also showcases a new feature for Apple: HDR playback. The phone can display movies encoded inside the HDR10 and Dolby Vision codecs, and mixed with the OLED display the photographs offer so much extra intensity and realistic color reproduction.

If you’re watching a scene with explosions in it, the impact is top notch at the iPhone X – just like with all OLED screens.

However, it’s inherently harder to make out element in darker scenes in HDR films – that’s some thing you’ll want to modify to. 

Compared to the LCD display of the iPhone eight Plus, there are times while you can see less of the action, but compare them aspect via facet and you’ll see that the overall richness, depth and exceptional for watching films is just better on the iPhone X.

Like the iPhone eight and eight Plus, the X uses a True Tone display, which mimics the lights situations round it and will alter the white stability as a consequence. It’s not a purpose to shop for the telephone on its personal, however it’s a genuinely top rate little greater which you’ll develop to like.

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