Samsung Galaxy J7 Vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Part: What’s The Difference?

Samsung Galaxy J7

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Why is Samsung Galaxy J7 higher than Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?15.38% greater battery electricsamsung galaxy s6 edge ity?3000mAhvs2600mAh7.eighty four% bigger samsung galaxy s6 edge display screen length?five.five”vs5.1″Has an outside reminiscence slot?Has a removable battery?Has a radio?Supports two physical SIM cards?Why is Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge better than Samsung Galaxy J7?2.16x better pixel density?577ppivs267ppi1.5GB samsung galaxy s6 edge more RAM memory?3GBvs1.5GBforty% quicker CPU pace?eight x 2.1GHzvs8 x 1.5GHz4x better resolution?1440 x 2560pxvs720 x 1280px23.08% more megapixels (most important digital camera)?16MPvs13MPHas branded damage-resistant glass?112GB extra internal storage?128GBvs16GBHas built-in optical photograph stabilization?Design

We recall a decrease weight higher because lighter devices are more snug to carry. A decrease weight is also an advantage for domestic home equipment, because it makes transportation less difficult, and for lots different kinds samsung galaxy s6 edge of products.

We keep in mind a thinner chassis better because it makes the product more compact and portable. Thinness is a feature highlighted via many producers of mobile devices, however it is important for a wide variety of products.

The width represents the horizontal measurement of the product. We take into account a smaller width higher because it assures clean maneuverability.

The peak represents the vertical dimension of the product. We recollect a smaller top better as it assures easy maneuverability.


Pixel density is a dimension of a display screen’s decision, expressed because the quantity of pixels according to inch (PPI) on the screen. A better pixel density interprets into greater clarity and sharpness for the photos rendered at the display screen, hence improving the best of the viewing experience.

Resolution is an essential indicator of a display screen’s picture first-rate, representing the maximum quantity of pixels that can be proven on the screen. The decision is given as a compound cost, created from horizontal and vertical pixels.

The larger the display screen length is, the higher the person enjoy.

Damage-resistant glass (such as Corning Gorilla Glass or Asahi Dragontrail Glass) is skinny, lightweight, and might withstand high levels of pressure.

OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) presentations are shaped of organic substances that emit light. They have better contrast ratios and wider viewing angles compared to LCDs. AMOLED and POLED are styles of OLED presentations.

You can perform the device easily, through urgent the display along with your hands.


Random-get admission to memory (RAM) is a shape of risky memory used to keep working facts and device code presently in use. It is a short-get right of entry to, transient digital garage that may be study and modified in any order, for that reason enabling fast statistics processing.

The CPU pace shows how many processing cycles consistent with second may be achieved via a CPU, thinking about all of its cores (processing devices). It is calculated by including the clock quotes of each center or, within the case of multi-middle processors employing one-of-a-kind microarchitectures, of each group of cores.

The device has a widespread memory slot (including an SD or micro SD card slot) that permits you to increase the built-in internal storage with cheap reminiscence modules, or effortlessly retrieve statistics, together with pictures, from the reminiscence card.

The internal storage refers to the integrated garage area to be had in a tool for gadget records, apps, and person-generated facts. With a massive amount of inner storage, you can keep more files and apps on your tool.

The device on a chip (SoC) has an incorporated LTE cell chip. LTE is capable of downloading at quicker speeds than older, 3G technology.

A 32-bit running gadget can best assist as much as 4GB of RAM. 64-bit allows extra than 4GB, giving improved overall performance. It also allows you to run 64-bit apps.

With incorporated graphics you don’t need to buy a separate pictures card.

Using huge.LITTLE generation, a chip can transfer amongunits of processor cores to maximise overall performance and battery existence. For instance, while playing a recreation the more powerful cores could be used to growth performance, whereas checking electronic mail will use the much less effective cores to maximise battery life.

NX bit allows protect the laptop from malicious assaults.


The quantity of megapixels determines the resolution of the pix captured with the main digicam. A better megapixel matter way that the digital camera is able to capturing greater information. However, the megapixel be counted isn’t the only important element figuring out the exceptional of an photo.

The number of megapixels determines the resolution of the pics captured with the the front digital camera. A higher megapixel count way that the the front camera is able to shooting greater information, an critical issue for taking excessive-resolution selfies.

Optical photo stabilization uses gyroscopic sensors to come across the vibrations of the camera. The lens adjusts the optical direction as a result, making sure that any kind of motion blur is corrected before the sensor captures the photo.

The most decision to be had for movies shot with the primary camera. Although it is able to be samsung galaxy s6 edge possible to select among different frame quotes, those recordings commonly have decrease resolutions.

A BSI (backside illuminated) sensor is a digital camera picture sensor which captures better quality pix in poor lighting fixtures conditions, and offers higher overall sharpness and picture fine.

When recording films they stay focussed and sharp.

Phase-detection autofocus is a good deal quicker than a contrast detection autofocus, taking into account sharper photos.

Slow-motion is a creative video effect that makes time seem to go slower. It is done by using recording a video at a better body-charge than the same old playback charge of 24fps or 30fps. Depending on camera abilties, body quotes for slow-motion motion pictures range among 60fps and 960fps.

It can mechanically shoot pictures with a higher dynamic range (HDR).


Devices with stereo speakers supply sound from independent channels on both left and proper sides, developing a richer sound and a higher experience.

With a fashionable mini jack socket, you could use the tool with maximum headphones.

A built-in FM radio tuner allows you to listen to maximum of the live-broadcasted FM radio stations without using the internet.

More microphones bring about higher sound first-class and enable the tool to clear out historical past noise.


Battery power, or battery capability, represents the amount of electrical power that a battery can store. More battery power may be a demonstration of longer battery lifestyles.

The manufacturer gives a branded wi-fi charging package. To fee the tool, you genuinely positioned it down on its charging base.

Fast charging technology, like Qualcomm’s Quick Charge or MediaTek’s Pump Express, are used to lessen the time it takes to charge a device. For instance, with Quick Charge 3.0, the battery can be charged to 50% in just 30 minutes.

The battery is removable and may be replaced by way of the person if broken.

The ultra power-saving mode, additionally referred to as low power mode, is an powerful manner to increase the battery lifestyles of the tool. Usually, it involves restricting screen brightness and assessment, disabling vicinity services, proscribing connectivity, and turning off nonessential apps.

An indicator indicates you when the device has low battery.

The battery may be recharged and used all over again.


802.11ac wireless works on the 5GHz frequency variety. It gives better transfer rates, stepped forward reliability, and advanced electricity consumption. It offers blessings for gaming and HD video streaming.

NFC (near-discipline conversation) lets in a tool to carry out simple wi-fi transactions, which include cell bills. Note: this option won’t be available in all markets.

The device has a fingerprint scanner which identifies the person.

All DLNA-licensed products are well suited with one another. When one-of-a-kind devices are connected to the same network, facts can be transferred without difficulty between them.

Bluetooth is a wi-fi technology fashionable that allows information transfers between devices positioned in near proximity, the use of short-wavelength, extremely-excessive frequency radio waves. Newer versions offer faster records transfers.

A dual-SIM mobile smartphone can paintings with two SIM playing cards on the equal time.

The 5th-generation wireless technology gives you higher speeds and decrease latency than the preceding, fourth-technology tech.

A multi-person running gadget allows more than one users to get entry to the tool. Each consumer has a committed profile with apps and statistics available handiest to them.

The net browser has automatic phrase wrap when zooming, the person can without problems study lengthy lines without scrolling horizontally.

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